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By mhahnsuper Account on 9/7/2011 8:26 AM
Tol Borad MapI don’t know about you but I consider the PvP open world combat Battle for Tol Borad nothing but an ugly mess no matter what side your on. It is useless scenario and feels nothing like Wintergrasp or the magic it had during WotLK. While the objective of Tol Borad may seem simple to accomplish which is to control all 3 bases/strongholds to win. It is utterly super difficult due to balance issues to take all 3 bases at once. The controlling side just rotates around the map taking the base that has the least offense on if your playing defense the entire time or the defensive team just stacks more players in one stronghold the entire time. The number of people playing is roughly the same amount so that favors the defense so it seems. I could be wrong on the offense vs defense numbers but when I played it today. The sides looked about even.

Wintergrasp MapWhat...

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