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By mhahnsuper Account on 10/5/2011 7:10 AM
Back in 1998, I created the first ever Iron-man Tournament System on the Internet. The goal of the tournament was to promote ClanLadder.com ladder play and get the most matches played over a short period of time. I usually had this tournament last a week or weekend. The Iron-man Tournaments covered Jedi Knight Dark Force 2 on the Zone.com. Each player and clan received 1 points wins and losses didn’t count against them. The players, if they were in a clan could not have wins/points counted for them if they played fellow clan mates. At the end of the tournament, the winners were announced and prizes were awarded to clans and individual players. The prizes at the time were awesome looking graphical trophy achievements.

I used the game's ladder system to track all the games. The ladder system on Clan Ladder was one of the most complex statistically tracking competition...
By mhahnsuper Account on 8/30/2011 8:17 AM
This article is to introduce you to the most common tournament format styles. Tournaments are a great way to promote a products or services. All tournaments can be seeded by some formula or random.

Single Elimination

This format is by far the easiest format to host and manage during a tournament, The method is simple. The winner advances and the loser goes home. This style also allows your tournament to be the fast and efficient time wise then the other formats because of the fewest matches.Single Elimination Bracket 











Double Elimination

This format gives your tournament more substance as far making the participants feel like they had a better chance to to win. Losing once could be an aberration to one team but losing twice is definitely a wake up call or a sense of content where they tried their best. This tournament can take twice as long as single elimination tournaments due to the extra matches needed.


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