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By mhahnsuper Account on 8/23/2011 7:20 AM
Wow AuctioneerIt is no secret that making gold in World of Warcraft is more easier then ever to obtain through the work of completing daily quests or farming. This article will show you how certain classes and race combinations are optimal at max level to make massive amounts of gold through farming. This article assumes you can spend the time necessary to earn the gold through the auction house of your game server. The best professions are: herbalism, mining and alchemy.

World of WarcraftI found the best class to use is a druid followed by hunter and warlock. Druids are able to herb in bird form without leaving form. They also can sleep beasts if they need to get to the plant or ore node. Warlocks and Hunters are excellent because the pets do the work of distracting the mobs while you get the ore or herb. In a short time you will amass a vast amount of herbs and ore. You can sell it quickly on the auction house and make a huge return on your time spent. Alchemy is the best profession that isn’t a gathering profession. Everyone needs flasks, health and mana pots for raiding, questing and dungeon running. The AH market always buys these items fast so the turn over is quickly if the price is in range of the others. I specialized potions, however I have specialized elixirs and transmutation to make just the same amount of money. But if your constantly herbing to make potions pick potions or elixirs. When I selected transmutation specialization, I wasn’t actively making pots to sell so I could log on and do my work and switch back to another character.


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