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I am an accomplished individual in Community Management, Social Media, Web Development, Blogging, and Writing.  I am also experienced working in the Gaming Industry, E-Sports Gaming, Clan  Gaming.   I am always looking for opportunities if you are interested please contact me.


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By mhahnsuper Account on 11/4/2011 5:08 PM
The Dotnetuke Corporation is planning its annual Dotnetnuke convention named “DNN World” on November 9-11 2011 in Orlando, Florida. This event is for all DNN Fans, CMS Users, and Industry partners.
By mhahnsuper Account on 9/9/2011 7:45 AM
Dotnetnuke LogoThe Dotnetnuke Community has a big and vibrant universe and it has some power users who influence the community. This article is going to focus mostly on social media resources and who to follow on twitter. You can also find some of these users by searching the hashtag #dotnetnuke. The following users are accounts I follow on twitter that have something to do with Dotnetnuke and post useful things from time to time. At the end of the article I have links to other community resources for dotnetnuke.



DNN Corp @dnncorp

Will Strohl @willstrohl

Joe Brinkman @jbrinkman

Shawn Walker @sbwalker

Chris Hammond @christoc

Erik VB @erikvb

Michael Washington @adefwebserver

Mark Allan @markXA

By mhahnsuper Account on 9/2/2011 7:52 AM
DotnetnukeWhile I am unsure of how many of my visitors have noticed, I am using Dotnetnuke 6.0 to run this personal website/blog on my web host. I have been using Dotnetnuke since version 4.9. Dotnetnuke is an open source CMS with large scalability that runs of the Windows .Net Platform. It comes with tons of features out of the box or installation when it comes to the usefulness of the website CM system. It took me less then a day to set up and configure this portal the way I wanted it. Dotnetnuke also allows me to plug in stats tracking scripts from Google and integrates JQuery if I wanted to expand functionality of some of the modules manually.

While I am by no means an expert to Dotnetnuke, I haven’t created any modules and I haven’t built any skins since 4.9.2. I know I can if I took the time to learn to do so. I became a fan of Dotnetnuke when I saw PHP nuke and Dotnetnuke together on different sites. They both were similar in a way at the time and I wanted to use a Windows Server based web application. I used to think if I wanted to build a calculator use PHP but if you wanted to build some spectacular use .Net. I know its not true now and sounds kinda ignorant but I will always be a .Net fan.


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