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By mhahnsuper Account on 9/21/2011 8:29 AM
This article is going to dive into writing game and match play rules for online tournaments. This article is not going to cover terms of service and/or rules of participation agreements. I am going to assume that the process is already finished when they signed up. The next step is to set up the rules to be more individualized for the tournament itself. Every tournament has to have very specific and ironclad rule set for match play. This protects your tournament from problems, deviations and interpretations. Allowing the participants to argue, because of your oversight, could take up valuable time. They may even be right. This is where your good intentions to provide the community something noteworthy with your valuable time can go off track.


Below are important sections and explanation of areas to add to your rules.

Conduct Rules

In the first rules of the tournament, it is important to stress good sportsmanship/conduct in the lobby and games. Remind them how much any bad conduct...
By mhahnsuper Account on 8/26/2011 5:40 AM
Before Ghost Recon even existed. Players played as Domingo Chavez or John Clark avatars in Rainbow Six on the Microsoft Gaming Zone by the thousands. Rainbow Six was the ultimate squad close combat game very popular on the PC from 1998-2002. When I speak about Rainbow Six, I am also talking about Rogue Spear as well. Rainbow Six had a huge market share and it was very popular in Korea like Starcraft 1 was or Starcraft 2 is currently. Red Storm Entertainment even released Rainbow Six Take Down in South Korea only because of the dominance.

So Ubisoft decided to purchase Red Storm Entertainment for the Tom Clancy license and they totally went pro console and anti PC platform. Since the purchase or partnership, Rainbow Six has never been the same. Countless missed opportunities to appease its real fan base of Rainbow Six which was rooted to the PC gamer. They constantly slapped the faces of its fan base repeatedly. I am aware of a large number of fans that refuse to purchase anything from Ubisoft because of their failure to listen to the community. The fans were turned off a little with Rogue Spear:Blackthorn and Covert Ops. They felt like were getting a game on an outdated engine shoved down our throats because of the new maps and scenarios. Ubisoft's multiplayer lobby software was the biggest piece of crap on the planet. They must of thought since the Microsoft Zone was a hugely popular place, they could build their own. Players were constantly hacked with back doors because it ran on basic IRC back end. You could get any IP and spoof any player you wanted to. There was no moderation or moderators to patrol the lobbies.


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