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If You Build It They Wont Come!

Apr 3

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4/3/2012 12:09 PM  RssIcon

Too many companies, individuals, and dreamers often think if they make something whether it is new or based on something that it will become popular. But contrary to this belief, most ideas will fail. There are a number variables that may cause your new idea to fail ranging from money, poor support, implementation and more. Companies can burn through money before they even bring a product to the market. But before they design a product they should have a plan in place how they will make money for their fantastic idea. Planning has many steps. Execution of this plan is crucial to the foundation of any idea.

There are so many great applications on various marketplaces that no one knows about because of a large number of reasons. One should do research and be prepared in case of scenario of a lack of success. 

I am currently learning and practicing ASPNET MVC programming and building a Twitter application. For those who seen it, it is coming together well even though its nothing too great. It does all the basic functions of Twitter. Since I am learning, it is important for me to learn the fundamentals and build on my application by learning new things each day.

Just because I am building this application, I do not have the associated risks that many companies who burn through a lot of money go through. Any money I may have and time goes towards books, server hosting and learning resources. If I happen publish my application for everyone to see, It will make me a success personally. If I am unable too, I learned a lot and I need to keep building upon my learning experiences and get better.


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