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Does Your Community Manager Deserve an Oscar?

Feb 24

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2/24/2012 9:43 AM  RssIcon

This is the weekend when the Oscars will be live on television. The Oscars are the most prestigious awards given for the movie industry. The endless amount of news on the social media sites covering this event will be insane. Community managers deserve high honors like an Oscar.

All community managers work tirelessly to manage their communities. They are constantly working many different roles with in their organization sometimes under different departments. Like the movie industry director behind the scenes, the community manager is always keeping things together. They make sure the community is running smooth as can be like a movie production.


Just like movies have fans, communities have members that identify with their community managers. These community managers are the ones who may deserve to win the Academy Award. They were able to establish themselves as the liaison between the brand and community. They are often considered a rock-star within their community. Community managers often try to hide from awards, accolades, and put their brand first. They are seen and heard from when its appropriate like any super hero. Not all community managers will get the same recognition they deserve, but, that is a topic for a different day.


If you were to rate your community manager and give him an Oscar, the Academy  would have to judge the best by finding the one that CARE(S) about their community the most: 

Creative – Always coming up with new ways of engagement

Accessibility – Available and open

Retention – Works hard on community conversion

Empathetic – Listens and understands

(S)ocial – Frequently engages with customers


There is no Oscar type award for community managers. There isn't a real Community Manager Award or even an Academy (yet). Please tell him how much you appreciate his work. If your community manager C.A.R.E.S. about you, the community, and you like his work, just a simple message of appreciation saying “Thank you”. While they may deserve an Oscar, they wont win any awards. They are just your neighborhood Community Manager.


There is a Community Manager of the Year Award being sponsored and organized at  http://www.vitrue.com/vitrue-announces-community-manager-of-the-year-award/

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