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Barcrafts: The Next American Phenomenon

Nov 3

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11/3/2011 7:03 AM  RssIcon

Barcrafts are becoming widely popular in cities all around the United States and Canada. People are flocking to their local pubs and restaurants to watch matches of their favorite games in competitive settings. E-Sports has been popular online for many years with many gamers for participation. When you mix them together, we get the the term Barcraft. Barcraft has been trademarked and promoted by Blizzard for e-sports for their games.


Blizzard is attempting to push the success found in Korea to North America. Games like Starcraft 2 is a huge spectator sport in Korea. Large stadiums and arenas are filled to watch matches. Matches are also broadcasted on TV. The players can achieve celebrity status over there that rival Hollywood here in the United States. E-Sports has always been a challenge to promote as a spectator sport in North America. Gamers are beginning to get older in age and understand that gaming is part of our culture with all the great games being released.

Major League Gaming (MLG) recently streamed its Orlando Starcraft 2 Qualifier matches online where the public could watch the feed over the Internet. These Starcraft 2 matches were seen in record numbers in the total number of concurrent viewers outside of the event. The Global Starcraft League (GSL) Finals match between MMA and MVP filled two huge convention halls on Day 1 of the festivities during the last Blizzcon. The numbers that were watching online were not released but I bet they were huge.

Blizzard is trying hard to promote its Barcraft concept of hosting LAN Parties within pubs, bars and restaurants. If it wasn’t for the great games they made they wouldn’t get very far. Over the next few years don’t be surprised if you see more of this Barcraft concept with other games beyond Blizzard. But rest assured it will have Blizzard's influence stamped on it.


 What other games do you think would be a great spectator e-sport in America?


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