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My Favorite Childhood Cartoons

Oct 28

Written by:
10/28/2011 7:27 AM  RssIcon

Cartoons are a staple of every kid's childhood. They teach kids about heroes. They also provide positive messages of good verses evil in many of the episodes. I loved rushing home from grade school and turning on the TV to watch my cartoons. I would sit close to the TV and sometimes record the cartoon on VHS tape so I could watch it again later. It was also a good excuse to get some snacks and chocolate milk.

Cartoons are not the same today for me as they were back in the 80's. Some of the cartoons today are entertaining if I have the time to watch. They replaced the cartoons on broadcast channels during school days with judge shows. All the cartoons seem to be on cable now except on weekends.

I would also get the toys and action figures based on my favorite cartoons.

Here are the intros of my favorite cartoons growing up. I am not going to explain each cartoon.  I was more into robot cartoons then super heroes because of the times.

Chuck Norris Karate Kommandos    












Tranzor Z (Mazinger Z)



GI Joe







What are your favorite cartoons growing up? What made them magical?

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