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Twitter Contests that Piss off People: Please RT this Article 100 Times to Win

Oct 13

Written by:
10/13/2011 7:57 AM  RssIcon

I participated in a weekly twitter #cmgrchat yesterday. The topic covered contests for communities. I brought up how other people use twitter for contests using Twitter and specifically ReTweets. I must of hit an inner rage button and rightfully so. I was messaged with negative responses. Most people don’t like contests that don’t have a real chance in winning or just continue spam your time lines or hash tags with fake advertising without mercy. I am not sure of the metrics that show users gains or lost for using any of these methods. This is just my thoughts.

Here is a few twitter contests that I dislike the most.

1) The contest where you have to be the 100th re tweeter to win something. While I'm not against the idea if its a very short number, but come on the 100th? You could be waiting a week if the community is slow and inactive and if its active and fast there is really no reliable way to find it correctly. Its like 2 people sending an email at the same time. They will arrive at different time frames. But ultimately like I said above your promoting the spamming of time lines and hash tags.

2) The direct message spam contests which are merely chain tweets that advertise or sell something. Its from someone you don’t know well, who you had to authorize some how. They ask you to do something or visit somewhere shady. Just ignore these as usual. Unfollow the user to correct the mistake.

3) How bout the code giveaways where they put ? to hide characters of the key. Why would you torture someone who is slow like me. The fastest PC and best guesser wins. Just post the entire code and find out who claimed it. This method is used way too often. Please change your promotional tactics. Its bothersome to me and your community. Its like giving a mouse a fake piece of cheese that disappears when they pounce on it.

How do you combat these tactics?

Please check which applications you are following in your Twitter settings under applications. I just happened to see that I needed to revoke like 10 applications that I haven’t used in a very long time. When you revoke access you prevent the applications your authorized from tweeted or sending your direct messages on your behalf. I know its good practice to friend and follow a lot of people in your interest groups. Unfollow any Twitter user who is using any tactics you dislike. You followed them.

I know these tactics are just a small sample of twitter contests that suck.

What are other twitter contest methods that you cant stand?

Additional Information

The #cmgrchat is hosted by @jpedde and @kellylux. They run #cmgrchat on Wednesdays at 2pm EST

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