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An Introduction to the Ironman Tournament System

Oct 5

Written by:
10/5/2011 7:10 AM  RssIcon

Back in 1998, I created the first ever Iron-man Tournament System on the Internet. The goal of the tournament was to promote ClanLadder.com ladder play and get the most matches played over a short period of time. I usually had this tournament last a week or weekend. The Iron-man Tournaments covered Jedi Knight Dark Force 2 on the Zone.com. Each player and clan received 1 points wins and losses didn’t count against them. The players, if they were in a clan could not have wins/points counted for them if they played fellow clan mates. At the end of the tournament, the winners were announced and prizes were awarded to clans and individual players. The prizes at the time were awesome looking graphical trophy achievements.

I used the game's ladder system to track all the games. The ladder system on Clan Ladder was one of the most complex statistically tracking competition leader board on the web at the time. I was easily able to check daily the wins and losses to track the points of the ladder. I provided daily updated of scoring for all participants. I also took a snapshot before the competition began to be sure my results were correct at the end of the tournament. While this was not a tournament in the traditional sense, it was a great event for my community. This Iron-man Tournament method did infuse play and it was successfully implemented by me. It also kept new and old players playing on the ladder after the event because they were already registered.

Below is the trophies for the Clan Winner of one of the Iron-man Tournaments.


If I were to bring back this tournament style I would count wins as 3 points and losses as 1 point. This would give a greater incentive for someone who wasn’t an expert to gain experience and play multiple tournament games. .

Here is a copy of the original rules

1) Play on any ladder for the game whether it is teams or singles.

2) Losses don't count against you.

3)Winners get 1 point for each win.

4) Players may only play the same opponent 1 time per day.

5) Players must play people in different clans each time (NOT PLAYERS FROM THEIR OWN CLAN).

6) Games are to be played by ladder rules.

7) There will be an overall winner in EACH category. The most points per category, wins. The TOP CLANS ( most total clan points) will get posted and ranked on the CWT leaderboard. 10 points are awarded for the top clan and 5 points for second place.

8) Games start on the time and date specified and end at 10 PM EST on final day. Final totals will be tallied after the tournament.

9) Winners will receive a cool looking trophy/plaque for their website.

10) Any questions or issues may be posted on the message board.

11) You don't not have to be in a clan to play.

12) NO cheating of any form is permitted! Any players caught cheating will disqualified and deleted from the ladder immediately.



How many members in my clan may participate? All of them can, but remember you only get points for playing other clans not inner clan ladder games.

How many winners are there? First and second for each ladder and first and second for overall clan.

How do we get points? Points are given to those who win a game vs another clan people only. In Team Ladder the winner gets 2 points.

DO I need to have mods?? NO mods are required, but you may use them.  

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