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How to Pick Your First Online Gamer Name

Oct 4

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10/4/2011 8:49 AM  RssIcon

One of the easiest or hardest things to do before you register to play a new game online is to choose an identity. Sometimes you already have your identity from a previous game. So the decision is already made. You also might need to change your name if you changing game genres because the name doesn’t quite fit or someone else has your name. I would like to discuss how to pick your gamer avatar name for a new player. Picking your first name is sometimes the hardest choice because you want your first name to be remembered by everyone. Your name will be tied to you and your decisions you make with in the game will gain a reputation.

It is a good idea to choose your new nickname from your personal experience in life. You could also use an iconic or noticeable figure who you admire in a book or movie. If you choose yo go that route be careful of the services name agreements. Exact spellings to copyrighted works are frowned upon depending on the game and genre. Most cases these names are already blocked or taken. Most player names may have be unique so picking a variation of your name may be difficult. Just be creative and pick a different phonetic spelling.

If your unable to come up with a name try searching in a search engine for a name generator. There are plenty of them out there with some funny results that could help you on your way. Just be careful when picking any names that reference Star Wars. Mr. Lucas might be knocking at your doorstep for royalties.

I have a few names which I use to this day from when I began on the internet. These names are Luminoscity, Robinhud, and Hahnsolo.

Do you still use your first nickname that you started online with?

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