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Catching up and Relishing CMRecharge - Conference Review

Nov 4

Written by:
11/4/2013 12:52 PM  RssIcon

Last week, I had the pleasure to attend #CMRecharge in Philadelphia at World Cafe Live. The event was filled with many stories, testimonials, best practices and more for community managers in social media space. I was able to learn a lot about other brands and how they tackle important issues in social media community management. I also had the pleasure to meet many great people.


This event was hosted by Ben Blakesley. Lauryn Blakesley and Bonnie Cruice. The amount of time and effort that was put into the event showed. They had everything planned and adjusted to the hiccups like any community manager would. Every speaker had something interesting to learn that I am able to take away and hopefully apply to my future employer and daily work.

Below is the list of speakers and a recap that I learned. The full biographies can be found here. http://www.cmrecharge.com/speakers/

Dave Kerpen – He got famous by crowd sourcing his wedding and hosting it at a baseball stadium. He is working to create many new properties rapidly for Likeable media. He loves Oprah. He loves to surprise people. He reminds us the value of the four words. I'm Sorry and Thank you in community management. Thank you for the Amazon Gift card. Yes, I was truly “Listening.”

Rebecca Yuen and Gillian from Twitter showed us how the trends actually work and how to determine trends. They showed us how to plan around seasonal events and the calender. Like every night people go to bed tired. It is a good time to reach out to those folks and use something to connect with your brand. They showed us Nyquil engaging with those non-sleepers. They also reiterated how pictures and videos are still king for engagement.

Michael Donnelly - I learned how little credit cards are used in the world. Only 15 percent of the world uses credit cards. In countries that don’t have Social Security Numbers for people, they are trying different ways to test credit cards. The MasterCard “Priceless” ads is one of the most successful marketing strategies ever. The effect has been enormous for the company. They also don’t control your APR.

Annette Hernandez – American Airlines responds to every single tweet and Facebook message. They employ a command center like a dispatch call center that is always staffed. People on the team have to train for weeks before joining. I think this is the wave of the future too. Call centers will be transformed into command centers. Something along the lines “Communicate Your Way”.

Lynette Young - She went over Google Plus. She also told us how important it will be in the future if your not on it already. She was also a pleasure and delight to meet in person. Google plus is her “Second Life”.

Turner Roach - He explained the importance of training employees to use social media to leverage the employer reach. He also offered tips and ideas to get your company to “buy in” to empower the workforce. He also lost all his hair teaching classes to the company.

Jeremiah Dew – Taught me the value of offline community management. He showed us all how to dance in the form a flash mob. It is important to get key leaders involved when crafting a message for others to see. He also reminds us all to be careful what you say to anyone at all times no matter your mood.

Michael Harris - One of my favorite speakers of the weekend and a highlight for me. I love sports and to talk sports on social media. He showed us how passion plays a role in fan engagement. He also showed us how popular Facebook is compared to other platforms. He show us some examples of teams failing on social media vs the success stories of excellent engagement. I won a John Kruk bobble statue. Thank you again. #askthebooth and stump the fans are my favorite segments.

Relishing #CMRechargeBonnie Cruice – Vanguard - Working for a financial company they have a strict set of rules used to engage people on social media. They like to use pictures and other mediums to get people to think about things like retirement or savings. Pictures can mean a thousand words and boost the company at the same time. The title for this blog post pay homage to her.

Christopher Gianunzio - He showed us how to use an Iphone to take stunning pictures in black and white. He showed us why lighting is important to every picture. Too bad I do not own an Iphone. I may have understood the common problems users have with taking pictures on this phone.

Ben Blakesley provided everyone an enjoyable experience. He helped to provide the attendees with some awesome interaction and content. Special kudos to him for inviting some key non profit groups to the conference. Alex’s Lemonade and the United Way were able to get some help provided by the attendees. His wife Lauryn did some amazing things too. She made recycled notepads for attendees to take notes. Invited a local farm to give away samples for a treat. I normally don’t eat my vegetables but I ate these.

In the end, I had a great experience. I am very happy to have been invited to such a great conference. I wish I was able to tweet during the conference. The WIFI connection was bad for me but worked for others. I liked getting the opportunity to meet many new friends. I wish I had more time to meet everyone else. I feel like I left not getting to meet everyone. I enjoyed the wide variety of sponsors for the event. My favorite sponsor was Oven.ly. Those chocolate chip cookies are amazing. I can still taste them as my mouth waters thinking about how good they are. Last but not least, thank you everyone who endured me while at the conference. I hope I get invited back to future #CM Recharge events.

I could easy keep going how great of a conference it was. I just wanted to let everyone else know what a great time they missed.

Important Links

CMRecharge www.cmrecharge.com

Twitter: @cmrecharge

Do you have any future thoughts on #CMRecharge?


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