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Does the Gender of the Community Manager Matter when Hiring if it is Gender Specific?

Apr 29

Written by:
4/29/2013 12:38 PM  RssIcon


Can a community manager of the opposite sex manage a community themed and targeted for the opposite sex? I.E, A male community manager for a women’s health community or a female community manager for a men's health community.


The simple answer is “yes” they can manage the community provided they are able to do the job. It is the job of the community manager regardless of gender to learn about the topics and educate themselves about the community. If they are able to build relationships and earn the trust of the community it is definitely an acceptable practice.


To get hired in one of these positions the hiring managers would have to be willing to hire the person. The person may need to be able to get out of their comfort zone. If they aren't totally familiar with the subject matter, it might be a strike against you, but why are you applying for this position in the first place?. But if that is not the case, then the hiring manager would have to ask the following question, “Would the community take offense to hiring of this person if they are fully qualified?” I certainly would hope not.


Personally, I am careful for jobs and positions I apply too. It's not about gender, its about being able to be educated, comfortable and sensitive enough to the needs of the community no matter the theme. Everyone has different areas of education and expertise. I just hope everyone has an equal chance to get hired if they feel they can do the job well.


Would you as a Community Manager feel comfortable managing a community with opposite gender themes?


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