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Should Communities Welcome and Acknowledge New Members and Followers?

Apr 23

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4/23/2013 11:25 AM  RssIcon

Should Communities Welcome New Members and Followers?

 Should Communities Welcome New Members and Followers

Every day visitors travel the internet searching for knowledge, groups and affiliations with the same interests to become part of. The search criteria in which the visitor found the community or network can be attributed can be absolutely anything from referrals to search engines. This new visitor can be searching for your community or network on Facebook, Google Plus or website. They finally decide to register and join this new community to connect with the content. You can assume they looked around the content, decided this is the place they want to be, and signed up to be a member .


The direction that the new member of the community does next is likely up to its members, the community manager and the content. The new member should be directed to a place where they can introduce themselves, some basic rules, and some proper etiquette if they haven't read them already. It is not always up to the new member to introduce themselves. They might want to lurk behind the scenes and discover the personality and temperature of the community. The social media and community manager could turn him into an active participant by proactively acknowledging him to the group or community.


It is easy to engage new followers on social networks like Twitter as well. By posting a simple message welcoming the new followers engages the existing followers to follow him or add the account to their feed. This is sometimes done on Fridays for Follow Friday. These simple and nice gestures may entice the new member to engage the other members allowing to integrate him within the community and social media channels.


Your effectively lowering and stripping the invisible lurking barrier preventing them from engaging the other members. This also encourages the existing members to welcome the new members as well. It is important to remember be genuine too. If you are pasting an advertisement to the new member or new group of members, they are more likely to find some where else to go.


It is important to note that large volume communities and social networks who get hundreds or thousands of new followers a day have to resort to other methods like a welcome letter. So the answer in Yes, Social Media and Community Managers should welcome new members and followers. Using these methods will greatly enhance your community and network of followers.


Do you welcome people to your community?




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