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I am an accomplished individual in Community Management, Social Media, Web Development, Blogging, and Writing.  I am also experienced working in the Gaming Industry, E-Sports Gaming, Clan  Gaming.   I am always looking for opportunities if you are interested please contact me.


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Author: Created: 7/21/2011 5:37 PM RssIcon
This is my blog to discuss community management, social media, games, e-sports, customer service, and many other various topics. I like to blog about many interesting things in the social media space. Feel free to comment. I always appreciate hearing from others. I am also looking for employment. If you need someone experienced with my talents, do not hesitate to contact me.
By mhahnsuper Account on 8/26/2011 5:40 AM
Before Ghost Recon even existed. Players played as Domingo Chavez or John Clark avatars in Rainbow Six on the Microsoft Gaming Zone by the thousands. Rainbow Six was the ultimate squad close combat game very popular on the PC from 1998-2002. When I speak about Rainbow Six, I am also talking about Rogue Spear as well. Rainbow Six had a huge market share and it was very popular in Korea like Starcraft 1 was or Starcraft 2 is currently. Red Storm Entertainment even released Rainbow Six Take Down in South Korea only because of the dominance.

So Ubisoft decided to purchase Red Storm Entertainment for the Tom Clancy license and they totally went pro console and anti PC platform. Since the purchase or partnership, Rainbow Six has never been the same. Countless missed opportunities to appease its real fan base of Rainbow Six which was rooted to the PC gamer. They constantly slapped the faces of its fan base repeatedly. I am aware of a large number of fans that refuse to purchase anything from Ubisoft because of their failure to listen to the community. The fans were turned off a little with Rogue Spear:Blackthorn and Covert Ops. They felt like were getting a game on an outdated engine shoved down our throats because of the new maps and scenarios. Ubisoft's multiplayer lobby software was the biggest piece of crap on the planet. They must of thought since the Microsoft Zone was a hugely popular place, they could build their own. Players were constantly hacked with back doors because it ran on basic IRC back end. You could get any IP and spoof any player you wanted to. There was no moderation or moderators to patrol the lobbies.

By mhahnsuper Account on 8/24/2011 6:24 AM
World of WarcraftIt is no secret that at this years Blizzcon 2011 that a new expansion pack will be unveiled to the public to get excited for. I made up a list of changes and additions that Blizzard should add or change. Some of my ideas are reasonable and some of my ideas are insane. I think this expansion will have to be different unlike any other because of how stale Wow Cataclysm feels for most players and the stiff competition currently in a crowded market.

Here is a List of my changes:.

The Level cap will be raised to 100.

Two new major continent areas broken up into 5-8 smaller zones.

More Character slots to make new players per server (10 to 15)

Third playable faction that acts as a liaison between Alliance and Horde that share a common enemy.

Two more...
By mhahnsuper Account on 8/23/2011 7:20 AM
Wow AuctioneerIt is no secret that making gold in World of Warcraft is more easier then ever to obtain through the work of completing daily quests or farming. This article will show you how certain classes and race combinations are optimal at max level to make massive amounts of gold through farming. This article assumes you can spend the time necessary to earn the gold through the auction house of your game server. The best professions are: herbalism, mining and alchemy.

World of WarcraftI found the best class to use is a druid followed by hunter and warlock. Druids are able to herb in bird form without leaving form. They also can sleep beasts if they need to get to the plant or ore node. Warlocks and Hunters are excellent because the pets do the work of distracting the mobs while you get the ore or herb. In a short time you will amass a vast amount of herbs and ore. You can sell it quickly on the auction house and make a huge return on your time spent. Alchemy is the best profession that isn’t a gathering profession. Everyone needs flasks, health and mana pots for raiding, questing and dungeon running. The AH market always buys these items fast so the turn over is quickly if the price is in range of the others. I specialized potions, however I have specialized elixirs and transmutation to make just the same amount of money. But if your constantly herbing to make potions pick potions or elixirs. When I selected transmutation specialization, I wasn’t actively making pots to sell so I could log on and do my work and switch back to another character.

By mhahnsuper Account on 8/22/2011 8:44 AM
Over 12 million people pay for the game World of Warcraft in some way. The payment model is different in various countries and regions of the world. So when Warcraft posts its high numbers they take in account all of different revenue models of those regions. In the last earnings report, it was reported that World of Warcraft lost 300k subscribers. A lot of good games have came out this year and are coming out in the future. The game Rifts of Telaria has taken a nice little chunk of World of Warcraft subscribers from March to May for sure. I do not know how many are still playing Rift but I am sure it is doing fine with constant updates and upgrades. This brings up the next game that will most definitely take a big bite out of World of Warcraft. Star Wars The Old Republic(SWTOR) will give World of Warcraft a run for its money in the beginning for sure. The Star Wars license is very hot property and with EA Bioware making the game it has been making waves online for the past few years.World of Warcraft Logo

By mhahnsuper Account on 8/16/2011 9:26 AM
Ghost ReconI know before you read this post you probably have an opinion on your favorite games or online franchises. I have played hundreds of games over the internet since I learned about internet PC gaming. Only a few games come along every couple years that gets me addicted unlike any other game. There are games you will play and love but you wont replay them after a few weeks. The games I am talking about are the games you cannot turn off. Games that I started in the morning and I was still playing when I realized that it was midnight. When I started in buying games, it was all about the multi-player experience. How many users are playing it and will I be able to find a match. Where is the match-making located? (Zone, Mplayer, Gamespy Arcade, or Heat.net)Asheron's Call

By mhahnsuper Account on 8/8/2011 8:13 PM
My first multi-player game was Star Wars Jedi Knight Dark Forces 2. I discovered this game at a Kmart during the Christmas holiday season in December 07. The moment I installed this game and went online with my 33,6 speed modem, I was instantly hooked forever on gaming. This game had everything in the multi-player game for me which was sabers, guns and force powers. I played this game on the Microsoft Gaming Zone at Zone.com. I became one of the best saberists on the Zone. I stunk at guns and force because I used a game pad to play. I would steer with my game pad and use my mouse to swing the saber. I was the king of the cave on the Battleground Jedi Level. No one could beat me. This game was about timing the lag. A ping for 500 was good back in those days. The favorite maps of the time were Canyon Oasis and Battleground Jedi.

I yearned for more competition...
By mhahnsuper Account on 7/21/2011 5:37 PM
Welcome to my website.  I started over and I hope to have new things added to the site soon

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