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I am an accomplished individual in Community Management, Social Media, Web Development, Blogging, and Writing.  I am also experienced working in the Gaming Industry, E-Sports Gaming, Clan  Gaming.   I am always looking for opportunities if you are interested please contact me.


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Author: Created: 7/21/2011 5:37 PM RssIcon
This is my blog to discuss community management, social media, games, e-sports, customer service, and many other various topics. I like to blog about many interesting things in the social media space. Feel free to comment. I always appreciate hearing from others. I am also looking for employment. If you need someone experienced with my talents, do not hesitate to contact me.
By mhahnsuper Account on 11/22/2013 10:23 AM
Imagine NationsCat Banana Studios is proud to announce the launch of the Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight campaigns for Imagine Nations. Imagine Nations is a genre defying sandbox game (think Minecraft or Cube World) that combines elements from all of your favorite games in a procedurally generated universe.
By mhahnsuper Account on 11/4/2013 12:52 PM
#CMRechargeLast week, I had the pleasure to attend #CMRecharge in Philadelphia at World Cafe Live. The event was filled with many stories, testimonials, best practices and more for community managers in social media space.. 
By mhahnsuper Account on 6/4/2013 10:17 AM
askteboothLast night, during the Philadelphia Phillies baseball game, I was connected to social media using Twitter. During the game, Dominic Brown of the Phillies hit a home run. The home run was his 17th this season and 9th home run in 10 games. I had my tweet read on the TV Air waves.
By mhahnsuper Account on 5/22/2013 5:28 AM
Art of Providing Content in Social Media Community ManagementSocial Media Community Managers have a duty to provide content of all types to its community members. The True Art of Providing Content in Social Media Community Management is being able to provide all the content in a seamless non tiring manner while drumming the interest necessary to keeping the buzz train going. The amount of information is often staggered to allow the content to provided in bits and pieces to prevent information overload.
By mhahnsuper Account on 4/29/2013 12:38 PM

Community Managment Gender and RolesDoes it matter or not that the role of the gender of the community manager can work in any community matters assuming they are fully qualified. A community manager builds, nurtures and cultivates communities for the employer. However, the themes of communities vary on the internet any can be about almost anything.

By mhahnsuper Account on 4/23/2013 11:25 AM

Should Communities Welcome New Members and FollowersLarge volume communities and social networks who get hundreds or thousands of new followers a day have to resort to methods like a welcome letter to introduce to members to the community for out reach.  Yes, Social Media and Community Managers should try to welcome all new members and followers. Using these methods will greatly enhance your community and network of followers.

By mhahnsuper Account on 4/10/2013 3:59 PM
mbhahn featured in the Wall Street JournalIf you happen to be subscriber of the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), I @mbhahn was featured in the careers section of the paper today. 
By mhahnsuper Account on 4/1/2013 10:15 AM
themycommunitymanagerWe are proud to announce the partnership of MyCMGR and TheCommunityManager. We decided to pull our resources together and do what we do best to serve our community manager community.
By mhahnsuper Account on 4/1/2013 7:15 AM
Dungeon and Raid FastQue SystemHave you ever wanted to jump in any dungeon or raid once you entered the game? Have you ever wanted to Que for any instance from your mobile device? Now, here comes your chance. The Warcraft Game System's Team at Blizzard finally built a new service enhancement for the Raid and Dungeon Finder. This service extra allows seamless integrating with your mobile device to your game to enhance play and less waiting. It is like being at an amusement park and getting the FastPass Ticket.
By mhahnsuper Account on 3/20/2013 10:36 AM
Community Manager GavelAre you a member of a community with too many rules? Are you a community manager always setting up rules to prevent or stop things from happening on a repetitive basis? Are you constantly upgrading the penalties to those who break them? Should familiarity and predictability breed contempt over time as a community manager?

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